Shop denim, kids shoes and more finds from Nordstrom

Lori Bergamotto shares her picks from Nordstrom.

January 26, 2023, 7:30 AM

We love a Nordstrom haul.

This week, “Good Morning America” lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto is shopping at Nordstrom for all of the latest 2023 trends.

For example, find wide-leg jeans, bright cardigans and kitten heels all in one place.

Check out Lori’s finds below!

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At Nordstrom, talk to a personal stylist to find your next pair of go-to denim. Bergamotto explains that her stylist pointed out two-tone denim, baggy fits and wide-legged jeans for 2023.

Customizable pieces

“The cardigan is here to stay for 2023,” Bergamotto says. “he difference is it's a little tighter, a little bit more cropped [and in] bold colors. That is why I'm obsessed with this one from Halogen. I love it so much that I'm going to put my initials on it.

Nordstrom has a “personalization section,” Bergamotto continues. “This is great not just for yourself, but also for gifts. You can get embroidery or chain stitching on stuffed animals on pillows. You can get fabric painting or vinyl heat press on leather on bags. You can even get jewelry engraved.”

Check your local Nordstrom to inquire about this service.

Women’s shoes

Nordstrom has a wide variety of designers, trends, price points and sizes to choose from in the shoe department. 2023 “is all about that tiny kitten heel,” Bergamotto explains.


“We can't forget about the kids. They also offer this adorable first Walkers program where they'll measure your toddler's growing foot so that they're in the perfect size,” Bergamotto says.

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