Put your fresh face forward with products and tips for styling your brows

Lori Bergamotto shares her favorite brow products.

January 23, 2023, 7:40 AM

Whether you love a natural brow or a full and fluffy look, styling your eyebrows can be tricky without the right products and techniques.

To help you put your freshest face forward, "Good Morning America" lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto is rounding up all the brow products you need to accomplish your own unique look inspired by celebrities.

From brow pencils to serums and more, check out her picks below!

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Barely-there brows

For a barely there brow like Julianne Moore, enhance with a brow pencil and apply serum for regrowth.

"This serum went viral and that's because it really delivers incredible results. Within two months, users reported seeing darker, healthier and fuller brows," Bergamotto says.

"e.l.f. has long been a secret insider source for affordable but effective tools. This one gives you color and shape," she adds.

Fun-and-fabulous brows

For a full, strong brow like Lily Collins, fill in sparse areas with Anastasia's Beverly Hills' detail brow pen and hold the brows in place with gel and brow glue.

"The super-fine tip on this pro fave allows you to draw realistic looking hairs into the brow for a fuller look. Because the tip is so precise it allows for incredible detail that's long-wearing and buildable," Bergamotto says.

"Despite its name, this brow glue is not tacky but does deliver an enviable hold. If you're genetically blessed with bushy brows, this helps tame them for 16 hours. With a laminate-like effect, this is also a great tool -- in a different tints -- -if you don't have full brows but want that look. Users and pros all marvel at how long-lasting the hold is without flaking!"

Natural brows

For natural brows like Zoe Saldana, this Benefit Cosmetics eyebrow gel will be your go-to product.

"It's a low-effort, high-reward item that its truly foolproof," Bergamotto says. "It comes in 10 different shades, is water-resistant and buildable."

Must-have tools

Maintain your brows with these must-have tools.

"Tweezers are the tool to have in your arsenal -- perfect no matter what brow look you're going for," Bergamotto says.

"The spoolie helps give you a blueprint for where you're taking your brow," Bergamotto says. "Just brush it out to see what needs attention with a tweezer or, simply, a little brow gel."

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