The best pillows for a restful night's sleep

"Good Morning America" lifestyle correspondent Lori Bergamotto shares her picks.

March 14, 2023, 8:56 AM

If you're resolving to get better sleep this year, we've got all the best pillows to help you do it.

"Good Morning America" lifestyle correspondent Lori Bergamotto has rounded up all of the best pillows in the game, from those ideal for side-sleepers to one that makes for a great reading pillow for bed.

Check them all out below!

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Best overall

"Thanks to a zip-to-adjust side panel, the Marlow can tailor its loftiness to fit your needs. It contains a combo of cooling memory foam and polyester fibers that can give you a fluffy airy feel when unzipped, or -- when zipped -- a firmer, denser feeling," Bergamotto said. "This makes it work for all different sleep positions and also -- special bonus! -- makes for a great reading pillow."

Best for side-sleepers

"Because you can adjust the foam pieces and microfiber clusters, you're able to get the exact right height for your rest," Bergamotto said. "This is especially key for side sleepers and for reducing neck pain, because it allows you to be elevated and supported. If you're able to get both of those needs satisfied, you can maintain spinal alignment so that you're getting an optimal night's rest and waking up pain-free!"

Best value

"With nearly 30,000 positive ratings, this is one of the best secrets sources for budget bedding! Machine washable, this set has a soft density which anyone can use, but is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. Reviewers love how soft and fluffy it is, and we saw a lot of parents who like these as a great options for kids as well!" Bergamotto explained.

Best down pillow

"Down pillows are the gold standard when it comes to the perfect fluffy pillow, and Parachute makes the best!" Bergamotto said. "It's available in soft -- great for stomach sleepers; medium -- for anyone, or for sleepers who wiggle around; and firm -- perfect for back and side sleepers who need that spinal alignment support while they rest."

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