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Fox News producer felt 'coerced' to provide false testimony in Dominion case, she says in lawsuit
By Lucien Bruggeman and Olivia Rubin
Yesterday, 7:38 PM EDT Story from US Lucien Bruggeman, Olivia Rubin , ABC News
Fulton County prosecutors probing election now seek to question Trump attorney, sources say
By Will Steakin, Katherine Faulders and Olivia Rubin
March 20, 2023 Story from US Will Steakin, Katherine Faulders, Olivia Rubin , ABC News
Investigators seek to question attorney about phone call with Trump in classified docs probe: Sources
By Katherine Faulders, Alexander Mallin and Olivia Rubin
March 16, 2023 Story from US Katherine Faulders, Alexander Mallin, Olivia Rubin , ABC News
Stormy Daniels speaks to Manhattan DA in Trump payment probe
By Olivia Rubin and Aaron Katersky
March 15, 2023 Story from Politics Olivia Rubin, Aaron Katersky , ABC News
Mike Pence declines invitation to CPAC as event's leader comes under fire
By Olivia Rubin
February 25, 2023 Story from Politics Olivia Rubin , ABC News
Rupert Murdoch said Trump, Giuliani were 'both increasingly mad' in wake of 2020 election, new documents show
By Olivia Rubin and Lucien Bruggeman
March 8, 2023 Story from US Olivia Rubin, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Trump tours Ohio town near toxic train derailment
By Isabella Murray and Olivia Rubin
February 22, 2023 Story from Politics Isabella Murray, Olivia Rubin , ABC News
Alleged George Santos scam victims speak out
By Rachel Scott, Lauren Lantry, Rachel Rosenbaum, Zoe Chevalier, Will Steakin, Olivia Rubin and Ivan Pereira
March 10, 2023 Story from US Rachel Scott, Lauren Lantry, Rachel Rosenbaum, Zoe Chevalier, Will Steakin, Olivia Rubin, Ivan Pereira , ABC News
Judge overseeing Trump Georgia grand jury speaks after foreperson's controversial interviews
By Olivia Rubin
February 27, 2023 Story from Politics Olivia Rubin , ABC News
What Fox News hosts allegedly said privately versus on-air about false election fraud claims
By Olivia Rubin
March 7, 2023 Story from Politics Olivia Rubin , ABC News
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